About the New Testament in Saxwé 

«Once more time, thank you for everything. We deeply appreciate your way to lead the process.»

— Justin C. CODJO (Translation consultant-WYCLIFFE BENIN)

About the Bible in Monkole 

«Once again thanks a lot for the good collaboration and your meticulous work until the end !»

— Hilary Deneufchatel (Project leader-SIM)

About the typeseting of the Western Tawbuid

«A big Thanks for the last months, for your hard work, your patience, wisdom and competences to prepare the Word of God for the Tawbuids.»

— D. Daniel (Main translator of the Western Tawbuid Bible)

About the Bible in Rom for the Sinti mostly in Germany

«I hereby approve the typesetting of the whole Bible in Romanes. It is very well done.»

«You did a very good job! I especially appreciated your patience with us! Thank you very much for all you did!»

«Yesterday I received a copy of the Bible. It looks very nice and is well done! My collegue O. also received a copy and said, that she was nearly touched to tears. We are so glad. Thank you very much for your good cooperation, patience and help!»

— Dr U. Peter (Publishing and Translation Supervisor)

 About the Bible in Abuan 

“ … having received such excellent service from MiDi at each and every stage of the long process of producing, so far as humanly possible, an error-free text of God’s Word for the Abuan people in a beautiful volume of their own choosing.”

— Rev. I. Gardner (Main Translator)

About the Bible in Shuar and some other publications

“There are not words enough to fully express my appreciation for the publishing support ministry provided to us by MiDi Bible. Back in 2008 when we needed help with the funding and typesetting of the Shuar Bible in Ecuador, MiDi Bible offered to fill both needs. Then they came through with characteristic professionalism and speed. Ever since, MiDi Bible is where we first turn when our typesetting staff are over scheduled or funding for a publication falls short. We praise the Lord for this partnership and the added impact they make to our ministry to the Bibleless.”

— Alan Conner/ Scripture Publication Coordinator (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

About the New Testament in Bunong that has benefit from our services for the typesetting

As I wrote, I am now proofreading the Roman script version in another dialect and the typesetters did not do  much manual editing of the Publishing Assistant, so I can see how much extra work you did to make it look much nicer. Thank you again.

— D. & M. K. (Bunong Translators, Cambodia, members of MSEAG, June 2016)

 About the New Testament in Sisaala

“Thanks again for your help, it is a great encouragement to us.”

— Margrit Frempong (Wycliffe/SIL, Ghana)

About the New Testaments in Tamajaq

“Yes, I’m very pleased with them. I think they are very well-made. You did a beautiful job, just as we wished. Thank you MiDi Bible for contributing to it in many ways!”

— Confidential name (Wycliffe/SIL, Niger)

About the New Testament in Nawdm

“God by praised for this ineffable gift to the Nawdm people. Thank you for your good work for the sake of minority peoples.”

— Pierre Barassounon (SIL/SIM Benin-Togo)

About the Bible in Yom

“We’re looking forward to the day (not so far away!) when we get to hold the whole Yom Bible. Thanks for helping us to make this a reality.”

— Priscilla Ruddle (SIM, Benin)

About the New Testament in Cabécar

“I am in agreement with the information regarding the printing. … Thank you for your diligence in this work. I am very happy with the format. Thank you MiDi Bible and River of God.”

— Timothy Jones (River of God, Costa Rica)