Fulfulde (Burkina Faso)

In brief

Language: Fulfulde (ISO code: fuh)

Speakers: about 1,500,000 Fulani in Burkina Faso

Edition: New Testament, delivered in January 2013 (read!)

Portions: Gospel of Matthew and Proverbs in June 2015

Partner missions: SIM, and ASAREN

Reference: Ethnologue data | Langscape map


The Fulfulde

fulfulde_01_mamanFula (also known as Fulani) is a language spoken by the Fula seminomadic Peul tribes in 18 countries of Africa such as Burkina-Faso, Niger, Togo, Ghana, Benin, etc., but in each country with a different dialect.

This edition is for about one and half million members of Fula ethnic group of Burkina-Faso. They were anxiously awaiting the Word of God in their heart language, which we have published for them.
fulfulde_02_familleThe translation work began in the nineteen-eighties and the first gospel was published in 1985. John Croyce, teacher at the Gorom Biblical School, had written to us:

“Most of the students can hardly wait for the release of the definitive translation of this NT. It is certain that they will read it and better understand the message of Christ. Since we have already used some passages at the Bible school, they are very impatient and eager for the publication of this NT. They are very enthused at the idea of receiving it soon! Even Pastor Eli has told me so.”
fulfulde_03_equipeHere also is the testimony of Remy Moret, an ASAREN missionary in Burkina-Faso:

“As missionaries we have been waiting for this New Testament for a long time because the Fula ethnic group, which is very important, has never been the beneficiary of a complete and revised New Testament.

There is a thirst for the Word of God, above all in the prisons that we visit and where we meet a number of Fula. As they are of Muslim origin and proud of it, we consider them to be an unreached people.

Therefore we are very grateful to all the missionary translators who have formed a network for more than 30 years, and to the Lord, for the culmination of this work”.


Text updated in February 2016