We recommend the following basic elements to get a high quality Bible or a New Testament.

Page size 
width x heighth

We have to choose the size of the page before starting the typesetting. The basic suitable page sizes are:

For a Bible:  from 145 to 148 mm  x  210 or 215 or 220 mm
For a NT:  116 x 180 mm      or      from 122 to 126 x 186 mm

[1 inch = 25.4 mm]

For easier reading at the center, it is highly advisable to have the margins slightly larger at the center than at the outside. 


Number of pages
For a Bible: 1300 to 1450 pages
For a NT (without the Psalms): 650 to 800 pages
For a NT with the Psalms: around 896 pages, as appropriate

Size of the type

For a Bible: around 8 pt, as appropriate
For a NT: 10.5 pt  to 11.7 pt

Choice of the fonts (the typefaces) used in our typesettings

Text layout

For a Bible: in 2 columns
For a NT: in 1 column

Note: depending on the case, we can accept specifications other than the standard ones described above.