Other binding elements

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The ribbons

The end papers

They can remain blank; but printed, they provide a good place to put things that are useful, such as maps or for identifying the owner of the book, or for a nice decorative element.

We offer to provide at least 4 end papers at the front and 4 end papers at the end. If necessary, we can increase the number to: 4 at the front and 8 at the end, or at most, 8 at the front and 8 at the end.

Very often the end papers are used for displaying geographic maps.

The very first and the very last of the end papers can have a decorative background whose shading is made to suit the color of the cover.

The stained edges

The gold embossing of the title and of decorative elements

Blind embossing

Inlays of decorative elements into the vinyl material of the cover

Or into the cover of a hard cover binding