End papers

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They can remain blank; but printed, they provide a good place to put things that are useful, such as maps or for identifying the owner of the book, or for a nice decorative element.

We offer to provide at least 4 end papers at the front and 4 end papers at the end. If necessary, we can increase the number to: 4 at the front and 8 at the end, or at most, 8 at the front and 8 at the end.

The end papers

Very often the end papers are used for displaying geographic maps.

Personal spaces

A ornamental frame place on the first page when the book is open will highlight your NT or Bible. It can be used to personify by writing a specific name, an anniversary date, an important verse or for sticking a picture or an image, as you will feel free to use this special space.

With decorative elements

The very first and the very last of the end papers can have a decorative background whose shading is made to suit the color of the cover.