Bulletin · Dec. 2013 · Boko (Benin)

The Word of God for the Boko

The missionary work of Serving In Mission (SIM) began among the Bokos in 1954. Today there are around 30 churches and more than 2,000 Boko believers in Benin. They have a Bible school in their language, and a church council. Christian radio programs in Boko are broadcast each week on local radio. The Bible was translated into Boko between 1974 and 1990, and published for the first time in 1992. As is often the case when a language is first reduced to writing, after a few years of use there are changes to the alphabet and the need for revision is felt. To give an idea of the amount of work involved, John 3:16 required ten “tonal” changes and two “junction” changes. Now the heavily revised Bible in Boko uses an improved tonal system and simplified vocabulary that  makes it much easier to read.

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