Bulletin · Jul. 2015 · Gonja (Ghana)

The Word of God for the Gonja

The New Testament in Gonja was translated by Jeanette Zwert, a World Evangelism for Christ missionary, aided by several young Gonja Christians. It was published in 1984. Since then, several thousand Gonja people have turned to Christ from reading this Good News, and thanks to the literacy work of Abdul-Rahim Adam, a Gonja chief who converted from Islam.

Since 1983, an NGO has put in place a functional literacy program and development projects among the Gonja people. These programs have clearly improved the status of many women and permitted them to improve their economic situation. In addition, parents who have learned to read are more motivated to educate their children and are better able to handle question of health, work, and agriculture.

Since the New Testament dedication in 1984, the Christians have awaited patiently for the day they will have the complete Bible in their language. They know that the writings of the Old Testament are a bridge to their Muslim countrymen, as numerous stories correspond to those of the Qur’an.

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